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***Book your room a.s.a.p. to make sure you have lodging!  Rooms fill up fast in this historical town!

2019 USPF National Championships
USPF Sanctioned  & Rules

In the historical "Town  Too Tough  To Die" ~  Tombstone, AZ

Saturday, June 15th ~ Women's Nationals 
 followed by Men bwt 165 and under
Sunday, June 16th ~ Men's Nationals cont. 
bwt 181 & over

Open to all lifters age 13+

Full Power ~ S/L Bench Press ~ S/L Deadlift ~ Push Pull 
Raw ~ Single Ply D-1 ~ Multi-Ply D-2 

Co Meet Director:
Danni Hartmann Eldridge
USPF Executive Committee Member
USPF CA Hall of Fame Inductee
Co Meet Director:
Sheri Hartmann

USPF Executive Committee Member
USPF American Records Chair
USPF Awards/Classification Chair

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Special ceremony for the
2018 USPF CA Hall of Fame Inductees!
Join us Saturday, June 15th, to honor those with outstanding 
achievements in powerlifting.

Special Guest Appearance by
local gun spinner
teenage phenom
Jesse James
on Saturday, June 15.

                                                         HOTELS & MOTELS 

These are the hotels and motels that are offering special room rates:

Budget Hotel Inn

Standard Single w/queen or king:  $67.45 + tax Thursday and Sunday and $76.45 + tax Friday and Saturday

Large Single w/queen or king:    $76.45 + tax Thursday and Sunday and $85.45 + tax Friday and Saturday

Double w/2 queen:  $85.45 + tax Thursday and Sunday and $94.45 + tax Friday and Saturday

This Hotel is walking distance to the venue as it's only a few blocks away.  520-457-3478 

Landmark Lookout Lodge ~ $75 (plus tax) per night for two people ($5 fee for each additional person) and includes breakfast.  The Lodge is about a mile from the venue.  520-457-2223

Tombstone Sagebrush Inn ~ $58 (plus tax) per night for the econo rooms (small ~ approx. 140 sq. ft.); $89 (plus tax) for rooms 5 & 11 each with 1 king bed; $99 (plus tax and additional fee $5 for 3 or 4 people) per night for rooms 1-4 each with 2 beds.  This Inn is about ½ mile from the venue.  520-457-2311

These places offered the best deals and specials. Click here for more hotels and lodging. 

We recommend making your reservations early due to this being a tourist town and rooms book up quickly.