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The United States Powerlifting Federation (USPF) is a Not-for-Profit Corporation.  The purpose and objectives of the Federation are to encourage, improve and promote powerlifting in the United States.  The USPF offers high standard, quality competitions for lifters ranging from the novice to world class status.  Every year the USPF Nationals provides an opportunity for lifters to qualify and compete in the annual World Powerlifting Federation Championship.


The United States Powerlifting Federation came into existence in the early 1970's as a "branch" of the AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) and under Bob Hoffman.  According to York's Museum/Hall of Fame, "the AAU relinquished the governing rights to powerlifting in Joe Zarella the Godfather of Women Powerlifting1978 when the United States Powerlifting Federation (USPF) was formed."  Joe Zarella was its first President and it was also the U.S. affiliate to the IPF (International Powerlifting Federation).  It is unclear as to when the USPF actually gained total independence from the AAU.  Official USPF documents still had "USPF of the AAU, Inc." printed on them throughout the early 1980's.  Around 1998 the USPF became an affiliate to the WPF (World Powerlifting Federation) until 2017.  
In 2019, under the new President, Sheri Hartmann, Superior World Powerlifting -SWP was created and approved.  It is a subdivision of the USPF to offer an opportunity to once again lift in a World venue and allows the USPF to maintain its independence.
The United States Powerlifting Federation is the oldest U.S. federation devoted just to powerlifting still in continuous existence today and keeps the same high standards of powerlifting, from rules to judging, as in its  earliest years. 

USPF Presidents 

Joe Zarella
Conrad Cotter
Jan Shendow  
Peter Thorne 
Don Haley
David Jeffrey
Lance Karabel 
Sheri Hartmann (current)