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Congratulations to ALL the USPF Lifters who have achieved the ranks! 

LIFTERS:  The online posting of USPF Lifter Classification Lists with photos started here in 2013.  We want you, the Lifter, to receive the recognition you deserve for all your hard work in your outstanding achievements.  

If your name is not on these pages and you have achieved a new ranking (or from any year) click here for the USPF Lifter Classification Application.  Send the completed form to the USPF Lifter Classification & Awards Chair, Tyler Butcher:
           Via "snail mail":  Tyler Butcher, 5916 Grisell Rd., Oregon, OH 43616
           Via email (jpeg of completed form):   

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MEN  (List)             
WOMEN  (List) 

More ELITE lifters' photos in USPF Legends, Greats & Pioneers!

Lance Karabel      Danni Hartmann Eldridge ~ 407lb. Squat      Tim Bruner ~ 791lb. Squat

Victoria Yarbrough ~ 330.5lb. Squat

MEN  (List)              
WOMEN  (List)

  CLASS I                                                      

MEN  (List)              
WOMEN  (List)

  CLASS II                                                  

MEN  (List)              WOMEN  (List)

  CLASS III                                               

MEN  (List)              WOMEN  (List)

  CLASS IV                                               

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