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USPF Texas
Hall of Fame


USPF TX Hall of Fame was established by Tim Bruner.

2010 and previous years.

Criteria achieved by the following inductees is that they had done some of their best lifting while living in Texas and totaled Elite (or close to it) within the USPF.  
Many of the litters  listed are legendary names in powerlifting and have USPF National and or IPF World titles/records to their credit. ~Tim Bruner 

Hub Aston
Paul Aston
Gene Bell
Peggy Box
Mike Bridges
Tim Bruner
J.D. Carr
Anthony Clark
Joe Dalton
Josh Dignon
Rick Gaugler
Steve Goggins
Dan Gay
T.J. Hoerner
John Inzer
Mary Ellen Jerumbo
Bill Johnson
Cheryl Klein
John Lamb
Ken Lain
Manny Leyva
Jesse Lopez
Larry Mistric
Ed Mooney
Jill Mills
Chip McCain
Mark Northcutt
Brian Nester
Robert Pittman
John Roberts
Gil Thompson
Ric Trevizo
Mike VanCleve
Jim Vronin
Scott Warman
Ed Wilkinson
Sheldon Weingust
Doug Young